differentiate or die


This POST is about - differentiate or die. In other words, you must always answer the question : what is different in my business versus the competition. Yes, there is competition in every business category whatsoever.

What is the difference

Why does your difference matter( how is it rellevant)

You can differentiate your business in 10 different categories such as: product quality, effectiveness, price, place - location, process ( customer service) as well as additional business categories. 

This post is about the difference in "process " ( and customer service).

  • Many business loose customers because the PROCESS of adding customers is too difficult and uncomfortable and therefore, customers may choose your competition which offers simple PROCESSES ,
  • Other business LOOSE returning CUSTOMERS as the initial PROCESS that those customers experienced wasn't pleasant to name the least. and those customers will never return.

I have recently rented a car from ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch in Istanbul ( see picture above ) CLICK HERE

This recent rental followed a previous car rental that was done with the same ENTERPRISE car rental BUT at another branch in Istanbul -Ataşehir branch. 

Here is the story and a practical example of customer service and willing to go the extra mile:

I initially rented a car at ENTERPRISE car rental in Istanbul - Ataşehir branch. I was supposed to return the car at 7pm. I was on the way and actually left earlier and were supposed to be there returning the car an hour before the due time. But the traffic was so bad ( snow and rain) and I was wondering if the local ENTERPRISE car rental in Istanbul - Ataşehir branch will wait a few minutes ( not more than 5 min) in case that I will be late and will arrive at 7:05pm. I called the branch and they said NO! they won't be waiting a minute after 7pm. If I would not be there on time I would be charged for another day full rental fees. 

I called another ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch in Istanbul ( see picture above ) CLICK HERE and they agreed to wait until I will be there. When I have arrived , the checkout process was fast and effective and they even agreed that I will drive to a near by petrol station and fill up the petrol so that they would not charge me. I appreciated the gesture! 

In order to get back to my apartment, I needed to catch a taxi. it was freezing cold outside and NO TAXI was found. A few minutes later Ms Hilal and Mr Ali from the ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch approached me and offered to take me home. what a relief and what a great customer service. 

Can you see the difference between BRANCH A and the ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch? 

A few days later, I needed a car again. Which of the two mentioned branches did I choose? The answer is pretty obvious the the ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch operated by Ms Hilal and Mr Ali!!!

Well here is the lesson: it is he same car rental company, same car, same rental price , same location ( Istanbul) and yet with a great attitude to customer service such as Ms Hilal and Mr Ali demonstrated THE DIFFERENCE WAS CREATED and they won the race of me renting again at ENTERPRISE car rental and especially at their ENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch!!!

Last point is about GOING THE EXTRA MILE - Mr Ali took me all the way to my door and did it at about 8pm at night when other people wouldn't even bothered. GOING THE EXTRA MILE is a part of the UNIVERSAL SUCCES LAWS. Without being willing to GO THE EXTRA MILE and do more than you were expected to do( and without asking for any reward) , without it you can not DIFFERENTIATE and you and your business will just bland with other similar businesses and you will have to fight for customers by reducing your prices and profitability.

when you manage to WOW customers just as Ms Hilal and Mr Ali did , you GUARANTEE FUTURE BUSINESS and GUARANTEE that your customers will recommend you to others without you even asking them to do so. JUST AS I AM DOING NOW. 

If you are ever in the area of ISTANBUL KADIKOY and you need to rent a car , contact Ms Hilal and Mr Ali fromENTERPRISE Acıbadem branch and you can expect thee best customer service ever!!!

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