2023 was thee greatest year ever for the EXPORT BUSINESS OF DR BAUMANN (  with 150% business growth. 

The old growth principles worked again 

Here they are ( reminder) - to grow your business you have 3 channels 

1- find new customers 

2 - sell more ( different ) products to your existing customers 

3- find new income channels ( online affiliate ) , online and classical offline income channels. 


EVERYTHING worked just perfectly. Some was based on consistency ( check SMAC)  and some was just LUCK. Yes, in many cases LUCK is the main factor in life. You just need to hang in and stay playing the game in order to allow LUCK to choose you!!!

The 3 above mentioned strategies are magical and will always work. The secret is to stay focused on those 3 and don't get lost with classical distractions. 

Each of the above must be broken down into building blocks, steps and each step must be perfectly practiced , one step ant the time untill you get the entire process figured out .

Good luck and join me if you wish to become a national DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT international or national distributor . write to me on [email protected] 



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