Art vs Craft

You can google the difference between the two : Art vs Craft. 

This difference can be however expressed in many fields. Some of those additional fields are beyond what just sumps into your mind ( when instantly comparing Art vs Craft).

Some sportsman elevated their sport ( craft)  to a total new level of absolute art. You know what I mean! Those ones took a rocket and tennis ball and played it and some used the same and created absolute art of movement and perfection. 

You too can achieve this level of ART by using the same components that you used while making craft. Same components used differently, consciously and intentionally can elevate the value and the rating of your work into the level of an assist. 

When waking up in the morning and " going to work" is changing TO When waking up in the morning and "going to continue to create ART". It is a huge difference of purpose and appreciation of ones opportunity to be alive. 

Everyone can be an artist, everyone can take his work ( craft) to the level of ART. If you just stop and think about it . If you just stop and answer the question of: what ain't I doing now and that if I do it, my craft will become real ART. Answering the question: what needs to be done NOW to up my game and make my craft become real ART.


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