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16 May 2012

Behind The Mask

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Why Things Go Wrong

The main reasons for things going wrong are:

1. Inability to learn from mistakes

2. Sheer incompetence through over promotion

3. Poor selction, inadequate training

4. Over-confidence

5. Under-confidence

6. Laziness

7. Lack of foresight

What can you do about it?

1. Mistakes will happen. The unforgivalbe thins is to make the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistakes by analysing what went wrong.

2&3 This is something you should minimize in your subordinates by a constant drive to improve selction and performance standards and by training and coaching aimed at correcting specified weaknesses.

4. This is the most difficult problem to eradicate. Mistakes occur because you are so certain that you know all the answers that no attempt is made to foresee or take care of the unexpected. Over-confident people tend to have tunnel vision not taking notice of what is happening on either side or beyond.

5. This can be overcome as long as the individual is fundamentally competent. Mentorship works well here.

6. No one would ever admit to being lazy. But they do exist, either because they are naturally indolent or they have not been given sufficient leadership and a well-defined roll in the business. If you have such a staff member give them the boot, it cannot be tolerated. 

7. This is a common reason for mistakes. You must try to anticipate all the eventualities and make contingency plans accordingly. You may not get it right every time, but you will at least be better prepared if thought has been given to some of the eventualities. 

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