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11 June 2012

Men Only

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Fathers Day!

What a special day, I don't know about you but I am definitely a Daddy's Girl and my father has a big influence on my life and also who I became. Thinking from a business perspective this is also one of the biggest celebrated days next to Valentines day and Monthers day, so some thought must definitely be put into it.

Right now at this very second, people are walking around, browsing the internet etc on what to get for their fathers. Will you be the one they find offering them the perfect gift? Make yourself visible so that people don't have to look far before they find you, and with the irresistable offers from Dr Baumann you also have the right product backing you that will be alluring enough for them. 

As promised today I will talk a bit more about what type of Characteristics Organizations should have to be able to be innovating.

1.  A free flow of information which allows executives to find ideas in unexpected places and pushes them to combine fragments of information.

2. Close and frequent contact between departments, and an emphasis on lateral as well as vertical relationships providing resources, information and support.

3. A tradition of working in teams and sharing credits.

4. Serior executives who believe in innovation and will make the neccessary resources available

5. Managers with the ability and desire to seize opportunities and to make time available for innovation.  

I hope all of you celebrate not just on fathers day but the whole week and thank our fantastic fathers for being their for us whenever we need them and for supporting us.

Happy Fathers Day

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