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18 June 2012

Winter Wellness

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Relaxing "me" tiem meaning simply pampering yourself is likely to do you a world of good and helps to lift your spirits as you step rather reluctantly into winter. So, visit your local beauty salon/SPA to help ease you into winter.

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How to Approuch an Interview

I don't think I have ever met anyone that thinks they are a bad interviewer. Just like everyone believes that they are a good driver, but if it was so we would not have any accident on the road now would we? So to can job failure be attributed to poor selection in the firtst place. Many research has shown that predictions made at interviews often fail because of bias, failure to get the information required, or inability to interpret the information. To avoid these problems you need to adopt a systematic approach. In the beauty industry a lot of salons only ask the therapist to do a short massage as well as a manicure or even a facial, later on ones they are hired and they cannot improve their monthly figures we question why, but has the therapist been interviewed as a sales person as well. Lets face it, most of the profit comes from the sales you do on products, so why is it that no one interviews keeping this in mind? This is why you need to consider the mehtod of interviewing you use, how to conduct the interview and how to evaute the results.

An interview is basically described as a conversation with a purpose. The candidate should be drawn out to talk freely about himself and her career. The interviewer should restrict herself to asking questions and making encouraging grunts. Open ended questions will poduce the most informative answers, "yes or no" questions should be avoided as far as possible. By asking "tell me about your present job" you will get most of what you want to know and gaps can be filled in by asking follow up questions. Avoid leading questions which indicate the answer you are expecting. The interview must also provides the candidate with information about the job and the company so that they can also make a good informed decision without any suprises later on.

Next week I will continue my blog with Conducting the Interview and how to plan.  

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