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23 July 2012

Hands & Feet

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Beautiful hands speak volumes, beautiful feet are simply seductive

 Many People neglect their feet although they play a significant role in their lives. In winter we tend to ignore them as they're all covered up and in summer we may think that a dab of trendy nail polish will do the trick. Feet need much more than a coat of bright polish. They along with our hands need constant attention and loads of TLC.

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Today I just want to talk a bit about leadership and what it means. And I think that this is one of the most overooked aspects in all business. We sometimes forget that leadship means getting things done through people. It happens when there is an objective to be acheived.

All managers are by definition leaders in that they can only do what they have to do with the support of their team, who must be inspired orpersuaded to follow them. And what I want you to focus and remember this week where ever you are and whatever industry you are in is that, Leadership is required because someone has to point the way and that same person has to ensure that everyone concerned gets there. Organizational effectiveness depends on the quality of leadership. 

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