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01 September 2012


DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA’s August sales reached a NEW sales record by selling more than any other month since DR BAUMANN launched in South Africa. 

There are many reasons that explain this NEW SALES RECORD. One of those reasons is the opening order that was shipped to DR BAUMANN KZN which is the NEW EXCLUSIVE SUB-DISTRIBUTOR for the area of Durban and KZN. 

The other reasons are the NEW MONTHLY MILLIONAIRE BUSINESS SEMINARS and ongoing SKINOLOGY SEMINARS that focus on educating the DR BAUMANN CUSTOMERS (the beauty salons) on how to improve their business. 

Another reason is the customer workshops that DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA is doing at the beauty salon facilities, where the beauty salon owners invite their best customers for workshops that take about 1 hour and educate end users/consumers about what they need to use and why as well as what NOT TO USE AND WHY!!! 

Another crucial point is the WEEKLY TEAM MEETINGS where DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA discusses the additional improvements that the company can make in order to increase customer service and customer satisfaction.  

The current annual growth of DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA is about 37% compared to the same time period in 2011. This is an impressive growth especially if one remembers that the 2011 sales were about 80% higher than 2010!!! 

THE MOST IMPORTANT is the understanding that BUSINESS GROWTH IS A SIGNAL FROM THE MARKET SAYING “WE LIKE WHAT YOU DO”. So, this is the MOST IMPORTANT POINT to keep in MIND....any business growth whatsoever depends on the cooperation (through satisfaction) of your team and the market. Hence, when you face growth, you know that both of those points (your team and your customers / the market) are well treated.

GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Customers (people) are a funny crowd who get used to whatever you do, even if you do it excellently and expect more and NEW GRATIFICATIONS. So, GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL means that DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA needs to evolve and deliver even better service and even more quality as well as ADDITIONAL VALUE!!!


Our deepest THANK YOU to all the people who were and are involved in DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA’S mission of DELIVERING HEALTH AND PROSPERITY. 




29 August 2012



This is the 2nd MILLIONAIRE SEMINAR in a series of 14 Millionaire Seminars that has been especially designed and created for the beauty industry, created by Avi Konigsberg the international Export Director for Dr Baumann Cosmetics, who has 35 years’ experience in the industry.


Date:    09/09/2012  *   Time:   8:00am  *  Place:   Park Inn Sandton Hotel (lunch, teas and snacks to be served)

ACHIEVING SUCCESSFUL BRAND AWARENESS - will save you money and will increase customer loyalty while turning your business into a super powerful "customer magnet" that will ensure your business stands apart from your competition.


The seminar will cover the following content, please view attached document for details: (Here are just some of the topics):

1. How to turn your beauty salon into a BRAND by following 10 simple steps. 

2. Why customers are attracted to BRANDS rather then to PRODUCTS? 

3. Why we say that BRANDS are the "NEW GODS OF MARKETING"?

4. How can you build and maintain a strong and meaningful BRAND CULTURE? 


Seminar Price: The seminar is priced at R890. The seminar FEES will be deducted from your next product order, which means you are fully refunded the full cost of the seminar when you place your next order.  


TO VIEW YOUR ONLINE INVITATION as a PDF version - please download by clicking this link:  Download Millionaire #5 


Dr Baumann South Africa Tel:+27 (11) 444 3633/5798    Cell:+27 82 799 3925  Fax:+27 (11) 444 2597  

Skype:mercia.laubscher Email:  

Millionaire #5

Happy Bionome Greetings

Mercia Kruger
National Sales & Business Development Manager 

Dr Baumann Sou th AfricaTel:      +27 (11) 262 5003
Cell:     +27 82 799 3925  Fax:+27 (11) 444 2597  Skype:  mercia.laubscher



DR BAUMANN South Africa is approaching the month end and this is going to be the BEST SELLING MONTH EVER (Since May 2005). I will prepare a proper report at the 1st of September, when all the final figures are in. 

Thee question is WHATS NEXT? What do we need to do in order to break this current NEW sales and growth record? 

The answer is: we will appoint a FULL TIME SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER!

This NEW POSITION will concentrate on creating content and distributing this content in the most popular social media platform. DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA will meet customer, potential customers and the community wherever they spend heir time and on the different social media platforms where they are. 

Sales will follow, once that customers are engaged and educated about what really matters to them. Hence, DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA will open those communication channels to allow the conversation flow.  

Will let you know how this NEW PROJECT EVOLVES and how the sales and growth follow.  



20 August 2012

Back To School

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14 August 2012


DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA signed a sub-distribution agreement, appointing Tanja Wotroba-Viljoen to the DR BAUMANN SOLE DISTRIBUTOR for the area of KwaZulu-Natal. Contact Tanja at: ( , this new e-mail address is expected to be active next week)

Tanja is an independent investor that founded DR BAUMANN KZN CC which is her company that will focus on developing the business potential of DR BAUMANN in the area of KwaZulu-Natal, where nearly 10.5 million people live. 

The beauty salons in the area of KwaZulu-Natal can expect excellent customer service, quick delivery time as well as personal and close attentin fron Tanja seeing that Tanja lives in KwaZulu-Natal and is much more available than the DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA head office which is located in Johannesburg.   

Tanja will maintain the DR BAUMANN STRATEGY and will offer the same P’s as DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA: Hence, Products variety, Prices>promotions>special offer and irresistible offers>payment conditions, advertisement>education > seminars> catalogues and other advertisement materials, even faster delivery and detailed website;Tanja will use the website as DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA. Tanja was trained for a week and is ready to serve the area of KwaZulu-Natal, PLUS, the trainers from DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA will continue to visit KwaZulu-Natal and assist Tanja with local training as well as with local and international seminars done in KwaZulu-Natal. The working process will be identical to the one that DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA uses and may be even faster seeing that Tanja keeps local stock and is more available, Samples and other point of sale materials will be supplied in the same proportion as usual.  

Tanja is in fully committed to the DR BAUMANN PURPOSES and is a great environmental and animal rights protector. Having 3 dogs and strongly opposing experiments in animals while also personally donating funds to animal wellbeing etc...   

So, all together, the area of KwaZulu-Natal can be absolutely happy and look forward to work with honest and straight forward people such as Tanja!!! Now, instead of flying/driving to Johannesburg from Durban and KwaZulu-Natal, the local beauty salons will enjoy and benefit from DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA trainings coming to Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. Isn’t it great!!!,

Many national distributors tend to “keep the whole cake” for themselves and don’t support or promote the developments of sub-distributors as it directly cuts in their profits. In other words, the national distributors need to give up a significant part of their profits so that the sub-distributors will have a sufficient profit margin. Or, in other cases, often, the sub-distributor sell for higher prices than the national distributor sells and created 2 prices in the market etc...

DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA promotes GROWTH and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE This means that DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA was prepared to give up a significant profit margin in favor of the FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL GROWTH of a local sub-distributor such as Tanja and in favor of improving the CUSTOMER SERVICE for the beauty salons of KwaZulu-Natal. 

I wish Tanja great joy and success and promise to support her with whatever it takes so that both Tanja and the area of KwaZulu-Natal will benefit from this strategic development!  





13 August 2012

Luscious Legs

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.17.01 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.17.21 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.17.37 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.17.55 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.18.52 AM

Tips For A More Productive Day

Practice the following techniques to become the master of your own time:

  1. Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going. You'll see how much time is actually spent producing results and how much time is wasted on unproductive thoughts, conversations and actions.
  2. Any activity or conversation that's important to your success should have a time assigned to it. To-do lists get longer and longer to the point where they're unworkable. Appointment books work. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Schedule when they will begin and end. Have the discipline to keep these appointments.
  3. Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that produce most of your results.
  4. Schedule time for interruptions. Plan time to be pulled away from what you're doing. Take, for instance, the concept of having "office hours." Isn't "office hours" another way of saying "planned interruptions?"
  5. Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day. Don't start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.
  6. Take five minutes before every call and task to decide what result you want to attain. This will help you know what success looks like before you start. And it will also slow time down. Take five minutes after each call and activity to determine whether your desired result was achieved. If not, what was missing? How do you put what's missing in your next call or activity?
  7. Put up a "Do not disturb" sign when you absolutely have to get work done.
  8. Practice not answering the phone just because it's ringing and e-mails just because they show up. Disconnect instant messaging. Don't instantly give people your attention unless it's absolutely crucial in your business to offer an immediate human response. Instead, schedule a time to answer email and return phone calls.
  9. Block out other distractions like Facebook and other forms of social media unless you use these tools to generate business.
  10. Remember that it's impossible to get everything done. Also remember that odds are good that 20 percent of your thoughts, conversations and activities produce 80 percent of your results.

Please feel free to visit the following links for more information on Dr Baumann.

Dr Baumann

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Download Luscious legs (letter)

Download Luscious legs (poster)

Download Luscious Legs Order Form

Download Millionaire letter

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Mercia Kruger

Dr Baumann

National Sales & Business Development Manager

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08 August 2012

Women's Day

Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.00.32 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.00.38 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.01.14 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.02.01 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.01.44 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 12.02.01 PM
Millionaire & Skinology Seminars

Over the weekend we had two very incredible seminars that just showed me once more of how much more one can learn. I would like to thank all the seminar attendees that attended and especially to those that came from far for these two day, thank you to everyone that took out time from their busy schedules.

The wonderful news is that we have 13 more Millionaire Seminars to come!!! Each one of these seminars touching base on different topics that is absolutely relevant to your Business as Salon or Spa. Within these Millionaire Seminars we show you how not just to survive but to flourish in a saturated Industry.

You will be recieving 35 years of knowlege and hundreds of books worth of information crammed into a series of seminars. I mean instead of going to study for years to gather all this information you recieve it in only 1 day. ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!!

We will be posting and emailing the next new dates for these seminars, so don't miss out!

Please feel free to visit the following links for more information on Dr Baumann.

Dr Baumann

Product Dictionary

Safe Cosmetics

Products Hazard Levels


Download Womens day (letter)

Download Womens day (Poster) copy

Download Women's Day Order Form

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Mercia Kruger

Dr Baumann

National Sales & Business Development Manager

Tel:    +27 (11) 262 5003

Fax:   +27 (11) 444 2597



This is about DOING THE OBVIOUS. You have so many happy customers that will love to stand in front of a camera and say something nice about you. You deserve it as you earned to  be praised by your best customers. Other potential customers trust what your customers have to say about you times more than what you have to say about yourself.

So, all you need to do is to ask your BEST CUSTOMERS to share their authentic experience about being your BEST CUSTOMER and publish this video on all your social media platforms and on your website, BLOG etc...

Those videos were done with the following equipment:

Camera: Nikon D7000however, you will achieve the same result with the identical Nikon D5100 that costs 40% less...

Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Microphone: Rode VideoMic Pro VMP Shotgun Microphone (mo unted on the camera , see picture on the link 

Tripod: Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Tripod Bag or any similar light weight tripod 

Camera settings: ISO 200 (during the daylight) OR ISO 400 (during the evening or indoors), aperture: f1.8, manual focus, distance between the camera and the speaker - about 1.5 meters. 


Here are some testimonials of customers who visited the recent millionaire seminar in JOHANNESBURG






01 August 2012


Naturally, the longer you live the longer and more time you have to earn money. This is a super interesting TED VIDEO that shares the research about the factors that contribute to a healthy living beyond 100 and still be fully active and vital. 

The word “Retirement” is a total strange vocabulary for people who have a great sense of purpose, those ones, not only live longer, but, continue to develop their businesses and their social contribution while adding tens of years and millions of dollars to their investment portfolio. 

According to the research there are 9 factors that have the greatest impact on vitality and longevity: Those 9 factors are divided into 4 categories as displayed below. I absolutely recommend to view the video and learn how to gain tens of healthy year and extend your capacity to become a MULTI MILLIONAIRE still in this LIFETIME. 


Move naturally: Physical activity 

Right view of life: Living with a sense of purpose 

Eat wisely: Plant base dies 

The way to connect: Belong to the right  tribe /People



DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA JULY 2012 sales reached a NEW HEIGHT and are nearly triple as hight as JULY 2011 and double as high as JULY 2010. 

This is a great achievement especially in view of  a global economy stagnation. 

The general sales growth of DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA for the period of: January -July 2012 compared to January -July 2011 is 33.80%. Again, a very impressive GROWTH. 


This GROWTH is a strong signal from the market saying “we like what you do”!!! When we say "a strong signal from the market" we refer to the cooperation of end users/consumers and thecooperation of the beauty salons that stock the DR BAUMANN products. Without this cooperation, no growth can be achieved. Hence, we want to thank all our customers the beauty salon owners and in the same time thnak all the people who consume and use the DR BAUMANN PRODUCTS. 

For us at DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA it is a confirmation about the way we decided to go and the business purposes that we adopted. We positioned PEOPLE In the centre of our business purpose, starting with our staff and team members, our beauty salons and the consumers. hence, we will continue to provide excellent service PLUS extraordinary training programs that will focus on healthy living via healthy and SMART consumption of skincare and nutrition.  


DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA plans to increase its professional team and we will announce soon about a new team member that recently joined and wil significantly improve our training department!!!  


Look at the GROWTH CHART below. 

The black curved line represents the ACTUAL 2012 SALES. 

The red curved line represents the GROWTH CURVE TREND LINE.

All the other lines represent the sales curves of other years since 2006-2011. 




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